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A35C Dropbox

All of our drop boxes are rebuilt to the highest quality. All bearings, seals, shims, thrust washers, and hoses are replaced. Measurements to shim all shafts are taken using dial indicators, and depth gauges. Shim measurements from the original core are never used again. New measurements and shims are used in every rebuild. The bearing preload is carefully calculated so you get the best performance out of your bearings. It also protects your caps and shaft ends from the seal wear we typically see in many of these dropboxes.
The lock-up dog clutch is replaced in every rebuild regardless of condition because of the wear and abuse this part receives. We also see many problems with the subassembly (differential) in this unit. The differential assemblies must be carefully inspected for several common issues to ensure they are suitable for reassembly.
Once the drop box is completed the longitudinal differential lock and high/low assemblies are connected to air and rigorously tested. Finally the solenoids and sensors are set to eliminate any excessive set up time once the dropbox is installed in the machine. Simply add oil, get back to work, and enjoy the years of reliable performance you will receive from our rebuild.

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