Heavy Equipment Components & Parts


Transmissions endure a great amount of stress over their working lives and it is common for them to be remanufactured many times throughout the life of a machine.  There are many external variables that cause failure such as maintenace intervals, engine output, operators, grades, and overloading to name a few.  Internally failure can be as simple as a solenoid or normal wear, but if ignored can become completely catastrophic.  Any time a failure is suspected or a computer code is activated the machine should be shut down immediately for investigation.  After a thourough diagnosis is performed and a failure is discovered it's time to contact us.  We have extensive vendor relationships that help us to get parts quickly and locate hard to find parts for older equipment.  We sell remanufactured exchange units and we remanufacture our customers failed units.  Your downtime is always our greatest concern.

9000 series Allison
CAT 773B transmission